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NetFUNNEL™ has proved its performance in various industries and helped our customers control high traffic spikes. Check out our customer success stories and how widely NetFUNNEL™ has been used since 2009.


  • Yearly Tax Returns
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Reservation


  • Mobile Transaction
  • Smart Banking


  • Ticketing / Events Reservation
  • Online Shopping


  • College Class Registration
  • Untact-online Lectures


  • New Launches / Releases


# 1. Handled the traffic when Samsung Electronics released Galaxy S20+ in 2020

Background issues

Samsung Electronics planned to release the Galaxy S20+ in July 2020. They were expecting traffic spikes as soon as the sales open. As a preparation, Samsung Electronics implemented NetFUNNEL on its official website to handle all the transactions and control the large scale of traffic. With NetFUNNEL, Samsung Electronics recorded sold-out without any server downtime. Moreover, as domestic sales were successfully done, NetFUNNEL was used for global services as well. NetFUNNEL servers were delivered through Amazon Web Services to provide stable services in the cloud environment, and the global sales were completed in Germany, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Likewise, Samsung electronics applied NetFUNNEL when selling Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 subsequently. 

Implementation effects

  • Offered technical support such as proposing separate ADN solutions directly to reduce server slow down due to physical limitations
  • Prevented website crashes from sudden traffic spikes
  • Maintained high customer satisfaction level