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NetFUNNEL™ has proved its performance in various industries and helped our customers control high traffic spikes. Check out our customer success stories and how widely NetFUNNEL™ has been used since 2009.


  • Yearly Tax Returns
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Reservation


  • Mobile Transaction
  • Smart Banking


  • Ticketing / Events Reservation
  • Online Shopping


  • College Class Registration
  • Untact-online Lectures


  • New Launches / Releases


# 1. University : Course Enrollment

Over 98 universities located in South Korea have implemented NetFUNNEL to handle high traffic for course enrollment. Course enrollment in Korea is known for “Clicking War”. To get enrolled in classes you want is extremely hard because the registration system is commonly done by the year of the student as a whole. Therefore, a large number of students accessing the registration system can easily cause a server down. NetFUNNEL has been handling high traffic spikes during the class enrollment period each year for all universities that implemented NetFUNNEL.