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NetFUNNEL™ has proved its performance in various industries and helped our customers control high traffic spikes. Check out our customer success stories and how widely NetFUNNEL™ has been used since 2009.


  • Yearly Tax Returns
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Reservation


  • Mobile Transaction
  • Smart Banking


  • Ticketing / Events Reservation
  • Online Shopping


  • College Class Registration
  • Untact-online Lectures


  • New Launches / Releases


# 1. Supported Korea’s leading e-commerce platform, 11STREET, to run Black Friday events

Background issues

11STREET hosts ‘11STREET Shocking Special Deal' events every day to differentiate itself from other e-commerce company services. It is a major service on 11STREET that sells 11 new products at special prices twice a day, every 11 o'clock. In November, 11STREET hold a special one-day sale on the 11th and served tickets for various upcoming events.

Implementation effects

  • Controlled concurrent connection requests by up to 100,000 people, prevent failures, and provide reliable service
  • Handled more than 8 times of annual traffic compared to the last year
  • Resulted doubled annual turnover
  • Improved customer satisfaction

# 2. Supported Korea’s leading ticketing platform, MEGABOX, to offer a seamless reservation system

Background issues

MEGABOX had been in a need of stabilized reservation system for holidays and event days. They wanted to ensure no service failures when the time of booking comes for cultural performances, live e-sports, movies, and others.

Implementation effects

  • Offered stable service during a rush of reservation requests
  • Maximized system resource efficiency and reduced burden on service operations
  • Improved customer satisfaction