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NetFUNNEL™ has proved its performance in various industries and helped our customers control high traffic spikes. Check out our customer success stories and how widely NetFUNNEL™ has been used since 2009.


  • Yearly Tax Returns
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Reservation


  • Mobile Transaction
  • Smart Banking


  • Ticketing / Events Reservation
  • Online Shopping


  • College Class Registration
  • Untact-online Lectures


  • New Launches / Releases


# 1. Controls vaccination reservations for the COVID-19

Background issues

After COVID-19 broke out, Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expected massive reservation requests as soon as the reservation system opens. On June 1, 2021, the reservation for the Janssen vaccine has started for the national reserve forces, civil defense members, and 3.7 million military officials. The booking system repeatedly crashed due to traffic spikes and the delays of the reservation process frustrated the people.

Implementation effects

  • NetFUNNEL helped to control the high demand for reservations
  • Reduced server issues in advance
  • Prevented server down and reboot

# 2. Supported the application process for the COVID-19 government grants

Background issues

The government has started to provide subsidies for small businesses, special employees, freelancers, and young adults. The applicants who apply first will be prioritized to receive the government grants. Therefore, to meet the expectation of a smooth application process without any technical issues, NetFUNNEL was critical. A total of 12.3 million people, including special childcare and job search support for young adults, applied for financial aids.

Implementation effects

  • Total of 12.3 million people, including special childcare and special job search support for young adults, successfully applied for financial aids
  • Supported the government to disburse 6.3 trillion won (Korean currency) safely