NetFUNNEL™ is a combination of Network + FUNNEL.
It is a transaction control solution that controls user transactions on a real-time basis to ensure seamless service performance and response time.

#1. Control

1Surge Traffic Management

NetFUNNEL™ controls number of active users to execute user transactions within the threshold to ensure service stability even in the rush hours.

2Resource Allocation

You can apply NetFUNNEL™ as a simple task to insert source code into specific service buttons (tasks) that you want to control. On a single page, you can control connectivity and distribute resources by specific services.

#2. Monitoring

1Service & System Status Information (Web-Based Monitoring Tool)

  • Service Requests No. in Queue
  • Queueing Time
  • System Access Inflow
  • Resource Use
  • Process Time

2End-User Monitoring

  • Load Performance
  • Inflow Path
  • Browser, App, OS, Device informantion
  • Error
  • ApDex(Application Performance Index)

#3. Access Info.

Providing Access Information

NetFUNNEL™ provides you with information about your connection order and estimated time while waiting for access. You can receive guidance messages in various forms customized according to the service environment.